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The Kitchen Tarot, when gently sauteed with the philosophy of numerology and seasoned with dash of joy, provides nourishing food-for-thought about home- and soul-caring.

January 2015: Come Clean With Yourself 

 From numerology, January brings to the table the energies of number 9 as the main course— month #1 added to the year 2015 becomes 1+2+0+1+5=9, numerology's "out-with-the-old" signal. If past troubles have been tripping you up, the time is ripe for kicking up your self-confidence a notch and opening yourself to provocative new challenges. Don't let what you couldn't do last spring interfere with what you can do now— pull on the rubber gloves and start scrubbing away doubt and worry. You have the power to shape your destiny.


This month, you possess a tremendous capacity to convert your old wounds, as well as the old wounds of others, into brilliant new strategies and opportunities. Like the classic Hermit tarot card of transformation, the Kitchen Tarot's card 9— aka, Dish Soap— warns you to polish your glasses and look beneath the surface. Refuse to be controlled by what you used to be, cries card 9. Come clean with yourself.

Whether you reside in an apartment, trailer, condo, motel, or house, January's Feng Shui space-to-face is the mop and broom area. (While you're at it, review the litterbox-area, as well.) Come to grips with what's out of order in your arena. It's time to monitor the extravagant consumption of self-pity and sentimentality, and for going after what you really need, not what you just sort of want. When you clean and bring order your home, you clean and bring order to yourself.  

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January 2015's cosmic luck arrives when you take steps to rid yourself of trivial pursuits and self-defeating behavior. Chow down on self-confidence now, and confront your emotional clutter. At this time, the Dish Soap favors marinating in and editing issues that have been simmering on the back burner, rather than starting new ones. 

Ponder the age-old axiom that says everyone is a house with four rooms: a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual. Most people tend to live in one room most of the time. But unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired and say hello, we're not a complete person. 

Nine— January’s Kitchen Tarot number of introspection, squeaky-clean self-exploration, and not being lonely when alone— wants you to turn down the noise, and give audience to your inner-voice. 

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January 2015's                   Kitchen Tarot affirmation: 

"I learn from quality time with myself. Silence is golden and delicious."

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